Class of '74 Reunion Book

Class of '74 - We're publishing a book of our experiences for our 40th reunion!


We would like each of you to write of an experience from the Zoo, and to also write of an experience since then.  Title your article and send up to three pictures.  We will then consolidate all those stories and some of the pictures into a book, and pass out the published books at our reunion.


Please send your written articles in Microsoft Word format to


In order to keep the book to a managable size, you agree that I will own the rights to what you write and the pictures you send so that I will be able to edit what you send.  Our preference is to publish your exact words, so keep your articles succinct. Give us a memorable story that will make our lives better, this is not the place to relive your entire life or relate every Base X you have been to.  It's not all about you; it's about us.


The Class of '62 created a similar class book for their 50th reunion, and their class book is very interesting (and huge).


Be sure to attend our reunion! The 40th reunion is the most attended for each class.  Most of us are still relatively healthy, and not yet "Gone, but not Forgotten".  There are classmates we have not seen since graduation and this is the time for us all to get together. 


Ed Whalen, Class President

Bill Van Horn, Class Reunion Book Publisher


Bill Van Horn

9491 South Johnson Court 

Littleton, CO 80127


303-948-8435   work

303-596-3615   cell


USAFA Class of '74 - published a book of our experiences for our 40th reunion!



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USAFA '74 Class Reunion Book