A Vietnam Visit                             Gary Read

I flew for 15 years with the Cessna Aircraft Company's Demonstration Department after my retirement in 1998. I traveled throughout the world demonstrating their jets to potential buyers. I found it very eerie to land at Da Nang airport in Hanoi, and the former Tan Son Nhat in what is now Ho Chi Min City. We stayed in a hotel a block away from the Hanoi Hilton, and it made me think of our Academy instructors, and the former POWs I had met and flown with, in the Air Force. When I landed in Da Nang, the alert revetments and base ops were there and looked like the stores my instructors had told me about. On the old Tan Son Nhat Air Force Base, I could see the tails of some C-123's and various other planes we left there. All three places brought back memories of the stories I heard from Academy instructors, Instructor Pilots in ATC and in fighter training, and the pilots in the Fighter Squadrons I was privileged to fly in.


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