Forty Years and Counting         Ralph Tate

As we have probably all figured out, the past forty years have gone by much faster than I ever thought possible. Things that were so very important at the time have faded into insignificance. Time has a way of testing and reaffirming the relationships and values that endure.


First, and foremost, I am grateful for a gracious and forgiving Lord.  Were He not so forgiving of me and my numerous shortcomings, I would have no hope.  Secondly, I marvel that His plan is to use us (even me!) as broken pieces of glass to reflect His perfect plan of redemption. It certainly is not the way I would have done it!


Carolyn and I are grateful to celebrate being married 36 years this year. We have been blessed with four children and four grandsons. I think the best part of this phase of life is having meaningful conversations with our own children and their spouses! What a great time as we see them grow into adulthood.

Over the past fifteen plus years, I have cultivated a growing interest in understanding and practicing “sustainable agriculture”. That foray has branched into related interests in microbes, insects, nutrition, health and wellness. I have become a beekeeper and have enjoyed helping our older son grow in his own beekeeping interest.  At the same time, I have taken training in Holistic Management as a framework for decision-making in my agricultural pursuits and have been encouraged with the results. Most weekends during the summer find me on the farm custom grazing cattle.  Swing by sometime and I will be happy to give you a tour – I’ll show you cows, grass and dung beetles!


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USAFA Class of '74 - published a book of our experiences for our 40th reunion!



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