Hell Week                                   Joe Brezovic

There were three of us as roommates. Roger had resigned during the second day. After classes, on the evening of the second day, several classmates were already out in the hall in dress uniform, doing manual of arms, and reciting something. I was getting dressed to come on out and the upper class were going room to room to hasten our support for the classmates already participating. I joined in with two upperclassmen requiring my recitation of the Star Spangled Banner, running in place, and disassembling my rifle. My left foot came down on the trigger assembly causing me to limp badly. Reporting to sick bay, I received a cast on the left foot from mid-shin to right below the toe-knuckles. To make up for activities in the hall, beyond reciting and manual of arms, I did the dying cockroach. I could not do the steps - all six floors - I was in CS-02 on the top floor. I still remember facing Ed Norton, sweating like he just got out of the shower, at the top of the stairs, coming up for the umpteenth time, and me with shaking arms and legs. I remember doing more pushups than ever that week. I did make it on the run to the Cathedral Rock at the end of the week with all ’74 - with upper-class escort. The cast was beaten to shreds on the bottom and the doc had to redo the cast, but I was glad to be there!


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