Developing Citizens of Character                                         Mark Hyatt

After running The Classical Academy Charter School for almost eight years, I took a job in Denver running the only statewide school district. The school district is special, intended for all the “orphan/misfit” charter schools that local districts do not want, which is called the “Colorado Charter School Institute”. Later on I got a call from Sandford N. McDonnell (CEO of McDonnell Douglas when Boeing bought them out in the 90’s), he said he was 90 years old and had cancer. He asked me to retire from Colorado and go to Washington DC and run the non-profit he started twenty years ago. I took the job and McDonnell died a few months later. 


Every week I commute from DEN to DCA – out Monday morning, and back Thursday afternoon. I love the job. The non-profit is called the Character Education Partnership, which focuses on K-12 schools and helps them develop citizens of character.


Bill Van Horn

9491 South Johnson Court 

Littleton, CO 80127


303-948-8435   work

303-596-3615   cell


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