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When we were cadets we were able to fly anywhere in the world in military aircraft on a space available basis, and I made good use of that privilege.  I remember spending many hours in the terminal waiting for that right plane to take me home to Hawaii and back again during our summer leave.  Every once in a while it was that wrong plane, like the C-124 Globemaster that took two attempts to take off from Hickam AFB, Hawaii, then took 11 hours to reach Hill AFB, Utah, and another 2 hours to reach Peterson AFB.  (Thanks to a strong tailwind!)


The unmarked C-141 Embassy Flight during our 2nd Class summer (1972) took me from Torrejon AB, Spain, to Bangkok, Thailand, via Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then Karachi, Pakistan, then Delhi, India.  Unfortunately, I got bumped in Bangkok, and had to take a civilian bus to U-Tapao AB, Thailand, to get out of the country.  At base ops they were surprised to see a cadet there, since it was off-limits and considered part of the war zone during the Vietnam Conflict; so they got me out on the first transport, a C-141 flying to Kadena AB, Okinawa, then Andersen AB, Guam, and finally to Hickam AFB, Hawaii.  (I never realized how big the world was until that summer. What was I thinking?)


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